The Staging Process

Staging a home can range from de-cluttering and de-personalizing to a mini-remodel. We get comfortable in our own home environment over time we may not see the flaws that home buyers may notice and dislike.  A potential buyer needs to feel like their family could be comfortable in the home and this is much easier to achieve when things are less busy.  I remind people they are going to have to pack to move so why not start it now to open up the space.  In Staging we say "less is more."

I may recommend changing some paint, outdated lighting, warn unattractive faucets or even some flooring. I then might add some new accessories and re-arrange the furniture and remove some pieces.  It is much like the shows on TV that so many people are watching.  Remember, the goal is to sell the property in the shortest amount of time for the most money.  The investment in Staging is less than your first price reduction!

Before and Afters

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